Hair removal Treatment Price list


Treatment Area Treatment
Time (minutes) 
Number of 
Price per One 
Upper lip 1 6 43.75 $ 43.75 $
Chin (neck not included) 4 33 45.83 $ 45.83 $
Nipples 4 33 45.83 $ 45.83 $
Belly button line 4 33 46.88 $ 46.88 $
Forehead 4 33 59.38 $ 59.38 $
Bikini line 4 33 72.92 $ 72.92 $
Armpit 4 33 72.92 $ 72.92 $
Neck (below the chin) 5 42 46.88 $ 46.88 $
Face(eyebrows not included)  15 125 125.00 $ 125.00 $
Lower Back 20 167 72.92 $ 72.92 $
Nape 20 167 75.00 $ 75.00 $
Belly 20 167 106.25 $ 106.25 $
Hand - till elbow 20 167 110.42 $ 110.42 $
Bottom 30 250 110.42 $ 110.42 $
Whole Hand 40 333 166.67 $ 166.67 $
Leg(below the knee) 30 430 158.33 $ 158.33 $
Thigh 60 470 187.50 $ 187.50 $
Whole leg 120 900 350.00 $ 350.00 $


Treatment Area Treatment
Time (minutes) 
Number of 
Total 435 3423   1,897.92 $
Average per Hour 7.25 472   261.78 $


When the average revenue is 262 $ per Hour, after 100 usage hours the revenue is
expected to reach 26,200 $

The The Record lamp is guarantied to perform 200,000 pulses.




  Why Active
            The reasons to choose Active

Active Optical Systems is based on more than 25 years of experience in
the business of beauty salons.

During our work we gained a reputation of incomparable quality-products
and superior service-standards. Our wide circle of satisfied customers,
thousands worldwide, is the best visit-card a firm is able to present.

Active Optical Systems Sarl is expanding again. With our new models of The
Crystal-512 and the Record-618 hair removal apparatus we aim to set a new
standard to the cosmetic market and we would like you to be a part of it.

The new models of the Crystal-512 and the Record-618 are our third generation
of pulsed light hair removal machines and combines our 25 years of experience
in the beauty market with the latest patented innovations.

Among their other abilities the Crystal-512 and the Record-618 have several
special features that distinct them and position them at the cutting edge of the

No treatment pain or discomfort to the patient.
200,000 pulses per lamp for the Record-618, 100,000 pulses per lamp for
   the Crystal-512 and low maintenance cost.
A large treatment area of 50*15 mm for quick treatments and treatment
   efficiency (the larger the area the less scattering of energy at the sides of the
   treated area - resulting in a need for less energy, safer treatments and high
Patented technology for energy focusing at dermis level thus not heating the
   epidermis resulting in no feelings of pain.
Broad spectrum of 420-1100 nm suits well light colored hair, skin
   rejuvenation aging spots, Acne treatments and more.
Short pulse duration with high-density energy that prevents the cooling of
   the hair follicle by the blood stream and reaches coagulation of the hair

After five years of R&D, clinical investigations and customers feedback
We created the Crystal 512 and the Record 618.

The Crystal 512 and Record 618 has excellent results with no treatment
pain, discomfort or side effects. They are safe and were awarded with the
best credentials a company can achieve - the FDA approval, the Medical
CE 0483 mark and the Health ministry CFS approval.

The treatment is fast. The Crystal 512 and Record 618 covers 7.5 cm2
every three seconds, resulting in the following treatment times:
Upper lip: 12 seconds.
Armpit: 4 minutes.
Bikini line: 4 minutes.
Men's chest or back: 20 minutes.

Maintenance cost is low - the only disposable part is the lamp. We
guaranty 100,000 for the Crystal and 200,000 pulses for the Record,
expecting more.

We treat most skin types. The Crystal 512 and Record 618 were tested on
a variety of skin types and hair colors. We treat Acne, and sun spots. We
aid to skin rejuvenation and other skin disorders.

We aimed to give you a robust working tool with high performance,
ergonomically built, excellent result - at a fair price.

The return rate is high. The machine earns an average of 261 $ per hour.
After less than 100 working hours the machine returns its investment.
From then after - it's your net profit.

During the development we used our 25 years of experience to build you
a product that will satisfy your needs. You are invited to call our
customers directly and ask them if we achieved our goal.

Our customers are a part of the Active family. We support them in
advice, marketing tips, guidance, and medical assistance from our doctor.
Our long lasting connections are one of the key factors to our new
developments and successful products.

We welcome you as a member in our family.




Active Optical Systems 2008                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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