Vascular treatment

There are several types of capillaries. The light pulse treats surface “spider” like capillaries, which are small purple or red veins that stretches like a web near the surface of the skin and or typically discolored clusters.

The capillaries get their color due to the existence of clotted RBC (red blood cells).

These capillaries are very narrow. Sometimes blood cells are “stuck” in these capillaries because they are very narrow. Other RBC that comes into that capillary gets stuck behind the first one and form a layer of clotted blood which gives the capillary it’s color.

The capillaries are seen when they are near the surface of the skin or when the skin becomes thin due to loss of the collagen layer.

When we treat the capillaries we have two levels of treatment:

    1. We break the layer of clotted blood and open the capillary again, resulting in free blood flow throw the capillary and the disappearance of the purple color.

    2. We treat the collagen layer, stimulating it to produce more collagen resulting in wider skin and concealed veins.

The Crystal 512 and Record 618 broad-spectrum wavelengths are absorbed in the hemoglobin of the clotted blood. Clotted RBC are dead RBC. The energy shakes the structure of the RBC layer. It gives the molecules of the layer enough energy to start moving and breaks the connections between them.

When there are single molecules they can pass throw the vein and dissolve in the body. After several treatments the entire layer moves away from the vein and the purple color is gone.

The other part of the treatment is to stimulate the collagen layer to produce more collagen. Resulting in skin rejuvenation and concealing the vein in the new thicker skin.

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