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Hair removal using light




GEM technology manages to deposit most of the energy in a plane coinciding with the position of the hair follicles. The broadband enables the treatment in hair types, which are traditionally hard to treat - such as feathery hair or bright hair.

  Acne Treatment:




The Acne starts when the opening of the hair follicle is blocked. The bacteria that leave inside the hair follicle (P. Acne) starts to multiply rapidly and the bodies immune system tries to fight the bacteria - starting an inflammation. And the Acne appears. As long as the bacterial activity continues the inflammation continues and the Acne flourish.

High intensity broad spectrum light is absorbed in the photo excitation process and releases a sing-let oxygen, who proves to be fatal to the P. Acne bacteria, and effectively clear inflammation in a fraction of time it takes for standard topical or oral treatments to do the same. This reaction is confined to the bacteria and has no effect on surrounding tissue.

The intensive light releases an oxygenator that eliminates the bacteria, thus ending the inflammation and the Acne.


Tattoo treatment using lightg light




Tattoos are the result of pigments that were inserted into the dermis and stay there. The energy of the light pulse is absorbed in the pigments of the tattoo, shakes the connections between the pigment molecules and gradually breaks the big constructions into small ones. Once a piece is small enough to pass between the cells, it is treated by the immunity system as waste, driven out of the dermis and extracted from the body.



Skin rejuvenation using light




Low light energy inserted into cells proliferates and stimulates collagen production and induces collagen and elastic tissue synthesis. The Crystal 512 and Record 618 uses specific dose, intensity and wavelengths that enable it to stimulate the cells to produce more collagen and thus rejuvenating the skin.

Vascular treatment using light




Broad-spectrum wavelengths are absorbed in the hemoglobin of the clotted blood that give the spider like vascular its color. The energy shakes the structure of the RBC layer. Brakes it, allowing the body to remove it and to make the vascular disappear.

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