What Active's customers say about us…
Claudie Pierlot, Paris, France
Highly efficient. Does not hurt and the patients are highly content.

Ana Maria Barbosa, Natal, Brazil
The Best in the Hair removal market, it made my business grow.

Ellert Kerstin, Bad Schwalbach, Germany
An excellent device, fast results and patients are happy.

Johanna Kniivila, Helsinki, Finland
Good results. A big improvement compared with other devices I used.

Anneliese Gutte, Berlin, Germany
The Crystal 512 is an excellent device.

Anne-Marie Ley, Ambiegne, France
Very good results, Slower regrowth no side effects.

Lovisa Wanhapiha, Turku, Finland
Most pleased and so are my patients.

Gisela Hill-Bradder, Limburg, Germany
A new way for hair removal. No pain for patients.

Emmanuelle Miquet, Nouilly, France
Simply the best!

Dr. Liana Moslovich, Russia
From our clients feedback we understand how reliable the Crystal 512 is and how wide the extant of its abilities.

Carol Lespi Niemi, Toronto, Canada
Very good with Acne - the treatment is a real surprise.


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