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Founded in 2002, Active Optical Systems Sarl. has grown to be a manufacturer and a technology leader in utilizing Intense Pulse Light in the field of hair removal and aesthetic skin treatments.

The machines comprise the unique GEM-IPL technology that eliminates pain and side effects.

Active's developing engineers are working side by side with top researchers in the medical-aesthetic field.

Active is awarded with International Safety and Treatment Approvals like CE, FDA, ISO, and more. The machines are appreciated in over 40 countries, in 4 continents.

Active's experienced management staff is in continuous contact with the ever changing market, initiating product updates, marketing strategies and new developments.

With many thousands of machines in use and millions of successful treatments, Active Optical Systems is proud to lead this market, in the service of Estheticians and Medical Experts around the world.

We are expanding our activities and success to new markets and new medical-esthetical fields. We'll be honored to get your inquiry and your business. You'll find us very attentive to your requirements as together; we'll strive to a business success.

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Our Next exhibitions:

Cosmeeting Paris
12/09/10 - 15/09/10.

Hong Kong:
Cosmoprof Hong Kong
10/11/10 - 12/11/10.

Medica Dusseldorf
17/11/10 - 20/11/10.

MBS Paris
12/03/11 - 14/03/11.

Cosmetica Dusseldorf
18/03/11 - 20/03/11.


After research and positive field tests we upgraded the Crystal 512 and Record 618 to treat Acne, Tattoos,
skin rejuvenation and other skin disorders. More information can be seen at the Clinical Information


Today you can find us in the UK, France, Russia, Italy, Finland, Germany, Spain Holland and intend to expand world wide A new calculation shows the high return rate and why so many clients choose Active.

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