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Crystal - 512 Classic


Crystal - 512 Classic is an advanced apparatus which is used for Hair Removal and for treating a variety of Skin Disorders (Acne, Pigmentation, Vascular and more).

The Crystal Series is developed by Active Optical Systems, incorporating knowledge and experience of more than 28 years in meeting the market's growing need for cutting edge technologies at an affordable price level.

GEM - Geometrical Energy Management

Different from other Brand Named IPL machines, Crystal - 512 Classic is based on Active's patented GEM technology which enables a unique way of delivering energy to a predetermined target. The GEM technology is a breakthrough method that concentrates the bulk of the energy in a geometrical plane positioned under the skin, selectively targeting the hair follicles, the pigment spots, Acne pimples etc. Thus, no need to overload the skin with excessive energy (like other systems) and it is the key for painless and gentle skin treatments.

Medical-Cosmetic Treatments Programs

The Crystal - 512 Classic has a Treatment-Preset- Selection-Program. This computerized system is adjusting the machine's Optical and Electrical characteristics in accordance with the following Treatment Procedures:
1. Pigmentation and Age Spots
2. Acne
3. Spider-Veins and Rosacia
4. Skin Rejuvenation
5. Tattoo

User Friendly

Crystal - 512 Classic is equipped with a large Graphical LCD that provides on line information and guidance to the user. Operating this sophisticated machine is with 3 push buttons only, leaving much space for the experienced Practitioner to adjust the right Treatment Program to the specific patient.











Special Features

The unique Computer Controlled Hand-piece is emitting Broadband Wavelengths (420 - 1100 nm !!) that enhance the effectiveness of the various treatments.

Large spot size
The larger the spot size (the "Skin Contact Area") the faster is the treatment which results in Higher Treatment Efficiency and lesser patient's inconvenience.

The Handpiece's 15 mm x 50 mm Spot Size is amongst the largest in the industry, with special attention to uniform Light Intensity across the entire contact area.

Credited safety and results
The Crystal - 512 Classic complies with the most rigorous European Medical & safety standards (like IEC 60-601-1), and was awarded by MDC with the medical CE 0483. Crystal - 512 Classic is approved by FDA (Laser Surgical Category), CSA and governmental health CFS certificate.

Treatment results

Thoroughly Clinical Research and Thousands of practices have made the Crystal - 512 Classic the best machine for achieving safe and fast treatment results in all the targeted applications.

  Crystal Classic
Crystal - 512 Classic


Safety Standards:

CE-MDD:International Medical Standard
FDA:US Safety Standard
IEC 601-1:Medical Safety Standard
TGA:Australian Medical Standard
CFS:Governmental (Health) Approval
FCC:US RDF Standard
ISO 13485:Quality Medical Production
ISO 9001:Quality Management Standard
CSA:Canadian & US Safety Standard


Skin Rejuvenation:

Concentration of Collagen:



Economical aspects:

Attractive cost.

Very low cost of consumables - one flash lamp lasts for more than 200,000 pulses - in other words, a typical cost per pulse is minimal.

Fast operation due to large spot size and high repetition rate.

Crystal - 512 Classic is a lightweight and portable desktop unit suitable for easy transport between clinics.

The Crystal - 512 Classic is essential in the modern clinic. Many use it with great enjoyment. We welcome you to try it.


Treatment Result




Hair Removal:




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